Recruiting Talent - "War for Talent"

Our HR approach and recruiting strategy is focused on both the client and candidate engagement. Using a proactive digital approach when sourcing and assessing skilled talent, Our focus is not only matching qualified and skilled talent to forward thinking and culture focused business, but ensuring values on both sides are in align. 

The Real Estate Industry is one of many industries that has its talent shortage challenges and one we refer back to from the term "War for Talent" popularised by the book of that name in 2001. With a shortage quality talent and high volume of real estate recruitment specialists, there will always be the fierce competition to attract and retain and with this, our HR Recruitment Team's approach to relentless focus on targeting top talent is to seek beyond obvious recruitment methods with all industries we work with.

Psychometric Assessment

  • Understanding your employees is critical for the growth of your business and virtually underpins every aspect of the office culture and fabric of an organisation. Behaviour in a workplace can have both positive and negative impacts of the success of business across all industries. 

  • For this reason, we offer our clients as part of the shortlisting qualifying process a behavioural profile assessment based on DISC for both recruitment and talent development. The four factors of the DISC model tools are resistant to manipulation and false answers giving clients a powerful insight into key behavioural traits that impact the individuals approach to problems and challenges, interaction style with the team, response to the pace of the environment and compliance with rules and procedures

 To discuss your recruitment needs, contact us to arrange a time for a consultant to attend your office and gain an insight and understanding of your business and people to help us determine the right fit for your office.