Posted on May 2022 by Alessandra Hernandez
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Did you read that heading rolling your eyes? If you did, I'm assuming your anti pets in the workplace (totally understandable) but it’s something we are hearing more and more about daily. 

Job ads include ‘pet friendly environment’ or ‘bring your pets to work days’ and it’s working its magic at drawing more attention to any kind of role. If you think ‘WORKING FROM HOME’ is your ticket to getting countless applications- think again! 

So let's talk about WHY people are obsessed with bringing their pets to work. I mean if you’re an animal person it's obvious, if you’re not, let me convince you. Without having to sell the idea of that work life balance, you’re already creating the picture of it! You’ll probably find a portion of your people that want to work from home might sway if they can bring their pets in. Look, there are multiple reasons as to why a workplace just can't make it happen- allergies, too small of an office or employees just aren't comfortable with it, I get it!

What are the perks of allowing it though?

  • Decreases stress and anxiety

  • Breaks up the day, meaning it actually promotes productivity 

  • Can trigger interactions between people that wouldn't usually

  • Creates a comfortable environment

  • Builds a happier workplace for people to enter

  • Improves moral of your employees and actually reduces absenteeism

  • More and more proof getting released that pets are good for your health

Alright so you're still not sold- looking at the broader picture, increasing productivity in the office and reducing sick days obviously leads to more work getting done- more money coming into your business!!!! As a business owner, director, manager etc I bet you're always looking at ways to improve the workplace environment and wellbeing ( You probably mention health and wellbeing being important in your morals ) so why not try it? Honestly, it's a low cost, wellness benefit.Give it a go! If you don't like the idea of people bringing their own pets in you can always just stick to the working from home option to stand out!

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