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We understand wearing many hats and juggling HR is a challenge all business owners face. Recruitment alone is one that can be quite costly and time-consuming. The role of HR has evolved over the years and is the central pillar to every organisation's success.

Recruiting talent and on-boarding employees is one task for HR professionals, but establishing a good HR strategy road map with a focus on workplace culture, including mental health and well being in an environment is crucial in today's modern workplace.

Our approach is simply becoming an extension to your business as your outsourced HR Business Partner refining your HR strategy using the five core pillars to success in human resources.

Our Onsite HR Training and Consulting team will provide

  • Permanent and Temporary Recruitment Solutions across the Real Estate, Manufacturing & Trades & Services industry

  • Identifying Talent /Headhunting for qualified and skilled roles

  • Outsourced Human Resource Consulting - We will become your outsourced HR Business Partner and become an extension of your business.

  • Leadership Training & Employee Engagement - We will assess, identify and provide training and advise on best practice for a solid and productive team.

  • Work Health & Safety Solutions - Our onsite HR partners will do a thorough workplace assessment and guide you to ensure your office is compliant with the current legislation and workplace recommendations.

  • Job Analysis & Candidate Psychometric Testing (DISC Assessment) - Don't just hire on gut instinct. We will create a profile for each staff / department in conjunction with a job profile and give you guidance on how to manage the different profile types.

  • 24-7 HR Support and Guidance - Providing advice on wages, superannuation, awards etc

Contact us for a free HR Consultation with our expert team to discuss how we can transform your business.

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