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HR Vision

HR is the core to our business and a key component to your business plan. We are people experts and your business is our business and working with you with both HR & Recruitment will ensure you are achieving the maximum potential so your team will become motivated, more engaged and focused on moving forward. Our partnered legal team will assist with tailored contracts and keep you up to date with your industry award and much like a jig-saw, we all work together to achieve the same result.

At Innovative Talent Group, we ensure our clients are legally compliance with Fair Work and the relevant legislation in your state, along with The Work Health & Safety Act. Partnering with us with give you the best HR practice industry advice, tools and ongoing support you need to grow your business.

Our People

Knowing how passionate we are about people, it won’t surprise you to hear that they’re our most important asset too is our staff!

We thrive on technology and innovation. We seek talented individuals with the right ingredients of people focused, outside the box, tech savvy and commercial pragmatism: who don’t just offer one-off pieces of advice, but help businesses set up lasting solutions.

The most important ingredient is sharing our values and going the extra mile without clock watching, but having our client's interest at heart.