Desperation in the Recruiter

Posted on May 2022 by ITR
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Desperation in the Recruiter

Covid can be to blame for so many problems in the last 2 years. So many questioned their career paths and as a result we saw the ‘Great Resignation’.

What's the great resignation? Also referred to as the Big Quit! The Great Resignation is used to describe an ongoing economic 'trend' seeing large scales of employees resigning from their jobs. A record number of people left their careers and reconsidered their profession and workplace. People craved a work life balance more than ever before and re-evaluated if their workplace was providing everything they needed. 

It is no surprise to hear that our market is no longer a client driven market and has shifted to a candidate driven market. Moving out of a ‘Covid normal’ looks different for all industries. For recruitment, targeting passive candidates will be the biggest tactic for 2022. A recent survey conducted showed that 69% of workers are ready to move jobs but haven’t made the decision to as of yet. 

Looking back on trends, over the years we move back and forth between a candidate and client driven market. So just because we are currently in a market that is in the candidates court doesn't necessarily mean it will stay like this. If you’re a candidate at the moment searching for a new career the time is now. 

If you’re a client, keep in mind that the market is forever changing!

If you are in recruitment, you will be busier than ever. If you are a superstar recruiter, you will have been nurturing those that have been there when the market was on the flip side. In other words, don’t underestimate this market, it will change again. Look after both clients and candidates.

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