The New World Of Work And Employment Outlook For 2021

Posted on May 2021 by ITR
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The world of work and the skills hiring manager look for, have changed significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic not only brought significant disruption to the global economy, it also prompted permanent changes to the global jobs landscape.

The rise of remote work as a result of the pandemic has meant geography is no longer a barrier for professionals eyeing a top job, but they could also be facing stiffer competition as the market continues to heat up.

What skills will be in greatest demand in 2021? 

According to Job Outlook service  — the future jobs in high demand both now and further into the future will be in:

  • Health care and social assistance

  • Education and training

  • Construction, and Property

  • Professional, scientific and technical services

With many organisations in fast mode and on the road to growth, businesses need to future proof the business. to protect their future. With the constant demand and shortage of skilled workers, now is the time to hire.

The rise of the care economy

LinkedIn also shared valuable insights about the Australian job landscape and found that health care-related work topped the list of in-demand jobs. Cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane were especially on the lookout for medical frontliners like doctors, nurses and paramedics. Mental health specialists like counsellors and psychologists were also in demand to help cope with the ongoing mental health crisis, which was made worse by the pandemic.

Digital and remote work uprise

The sudden shift to remote work accelerated years of digital transformation efforts, while making opportunities more accessible than ever before. Those in the digital media and marketing space experienced a skyrocket in demand as brands worked harder to engage consumers online. 

Linkedin also observed an increase in the demand for Digital Content Freelancers. Industries switching to online platforms give rise to digital transformation and a shift to remote work.  The study concluded that “it is essential to master basic digital skills” to remain relevant and align with the rapidly changing times.

Demand for transferable skills

On the other hand, LinkedIn found that some industries, including property, real estate, construction, customer service, have all experienced a massive boom in demand. Roles in property management and sales in particular have increased more than twice the amount in 2018. This gave those with the certificate but without the experience a greater chance and getting their foot in the door as employers struggle, this meant that with business stimulus pushing consumers to spend in real estate whether be home owners, investing or relocating This means are greater demand for employees looking to switch careers  could do so – so long they had the right set of transferable skills. To stay ahead in the current jobs market, workers need to embrace change or risk being left behind. 

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