How To Write An Inspiring Resume

Posted on August 2020 by

​Our team at ITR goes through resume’s everyday and there are definitely some that stand out more than others, so we’ve compiled a list of TIPS for resume writing that can help you secure your next position!

1. Make sure your resume is clear and easy to read. Employers and Recruiters can often skim through hundreds of resumes at a time, and if we can’t easily find the information we need (job experience or education/certificates relevant to the job) we may keep swiping

2. Use reverse-chronological order: As much as we appreciate your efforts to secure your first babysitting job at 14, we’d love it even more if we could view your most recent (and hopefully relevant) job position first!

3. Make sure you include your personal information: It’s fantastic to receive resumes with exactly the experience we’re looking for. But unfortunately there’s not much we can do to help if we don’t have a Phone number or email to contact you on. Also include your location so we can contact you on future roles in your area!

4. Include relevant promotions or awards you’ve won during your career: Resumes are a very good time for a little bit of boasting

5. Don’t “forget” to include certain jobs: We’ve all had roles that didn’t work out, and even if you only worked there for a short time - keep it on your resume! You’ll have the opportunity to explain what happened, Recruiters are practically trained to find out what’s missing, and it’s never good to look dishonest.

We hope these quick little tips are all things that you can use on your job search - Perhaps even for some of the roles we’re working on at the moment!