Importance Of Effective Communication In The Workplace

Posted on March 2018 by Sarah Di Pietro
Importance Of Effective Communication In The Workplace

An effective communication setup is crucial for any business to meet its intended goals. All inter- and intra-departmental links are facilitated through communication, so it’s important that both internal communication systems and employee communication skills are sound. Poor communication compromises efficiency, production quality, customer relations, and other dynamics needed to maintain and develop a business.

Effective communication should start with the managers and extend to those under their supervision to resolve problems, unite workers, and increase employee loyalty without much ado. Good communication within a team can also boost morale and sense of security because employees feel like they are privy to the company’s direction and vision.

Below are more reasons to invest in ways to encourage effective communication in the workplace:

Relationship building

Communication is key to establishing and sustaining productive relationships in the workplace. Encouraging open communication between and among employees results in the formation of more cohesive and effective teams. If employees are regularly awarded for achievements, it can lead to improved work ethic because they are constantly reminded that they’re working towards a common goal.


Employees who feel comfortable with openly communicating new ideas are more likely to cooperate and innovate when new projects are introduced. On the other hand, if they are unable to convey their thoughts due to fear, lack of technology, or limited communication skills, then it is unfortunate because there will be ideas that won’t be implemented to their full potential.

Staff management

Managers who are effective communicators can easily explain to their team members what is expected of them and what is required to achieve objectives. Moreover, good communication skills are required for managers to provide adequate constructive feedback to those under their supervision, build better relationships with their staff, and understand personal goals and challenges that may arise.

Company growth

Businesses lacking in good communication structures can easily fail. It’s a harsh statement, but without proper marketing and sufficient internal/external correspondence, most organisations will struggle to stay afloat. However, if effective communication measures are in place, it can lead to productivity and avoidance of unnecessary delays in the implementation of policies and progression of tasks.


Through regular internal and external communications, businesses create a sense of transparency. This is needed if you want customers to trust your brand and services, as well as if you want your employees to put their faith in higher management. When tough decisions need to be made, leaders who know how to communicate will have an easier time explaining why. The best companies don’t wait for disaster to strike before they start communicating.

Over the years, technological advances have made things more efficient, but have made communication more impersonal. Whether this is a boon, a bane, or both, there needs to be a balance between embracing new technology and maximising it if you want to maintain personalised communication to ensure good working relationships, improved productivity at work, and smooth business operations.

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