Sarah Di Pietro

Managing Director (AKA THE HR NINJA)

Sarah recognised a gap for businesses to access advice and to support the management of workplace issues that reduce HR risks and work towards building high performing workplaces. As the founder of Innovative Talent Group, Sarah then decided to provide clients with and Onsite HR Training & Consulting to fill the gap in HR and provide a cost effective solution that will support the growth and help safeguard and minimise risk to her clients.

Sarah is a specialist Human Resources practitioner with experience across a range of industries including Real Estate, Construction, Financial Services & Manufacturing. With a modern and creative approach to HR and business, utilising her degree in HR, allowing her to effectively integrate best practice and practical HR solutions to build a better workplace for the growth of businesses.

Whilst Sarah is an incisive strategic thinker, she is passionate about the power of people and the positive impact which leading through people and culture can have on performance within a business and searches for this carefully with every client she works with. She is pragmatic and understands the importance of people within a business and aims to positively influence and educate her clients to achieve a number 1 workplace and a high performing culture that is compliant and has the ability to adapt effectively to change and achieve results. She is recognised for delivering sound advice and solutions to support the clients achieve their objectives.

With her HR knowledge, industry experience, this makes Sarah a highly skilled and sought after HR & Recruitment professional.

Sarah's specialisation covers all aspects of both Onsite HR Consultancy, Labour Hire & Recruitment .